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Wayne Elsbett

I am from Duchess, Alberta, where I am currently an active firefighter Captain. I have enjoyed many years in the fire services for which I still have a deep passion and dedication to continue striving for excellence.

I am a first time stair climber this year and part of the reason that has inspired me to climb, has been to help boost morale in an effort to strive for an all inclusive team building environment to encourage and increase comradery within our fire department, which lately has become divided. I believe in expressive leadership that focuses on the whole group’s wellbeing, as there is no place for an authoritarian leadership mentality in a volunteer fire organization. I am also climbing in memory of my late father, Victor Elsbett, who had passed away due to cancer and for my mother, who is a survivor of breast cancer. My father had been a very important motivational inspiration to my life and his memory continues to encourage me to push myself harder to achieve greater life goals. His wisdom and guidance has definitely been a missing component in my life. My father was an active community member, who had helped with initiating the start for the Patricia Fire Department in 1996, along with Jack McAlease and Cody Morris, all of whom have also passed on due to cancer as well. The first Patricia fire engine was housed at the Elsbett farm for some time until a fire hall had finished construction. I feel compelled and I am honored to have this amazing privilege to be able to do this climb in my father’s memory. As well as to climb for so many other amazing community members who have passed on due to cancer and for those who are fighting cancer now.

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