What equipment is required?


The following list is required if you are racing in full firefighter duty gear (competitive). There is an option to climb without gear but you will not qualify for the challenge prizes (non-competitive). If you do not have your own gear, it will not be provided for you and you will be racing in the non-competitive stream.

If you have any questions about the equipment needed, please send an email to either Brian McAsey of the Calgary Fire Department (Brian.McAsey@calgary.ca) or Karen O’How, Wellspring Calgary Events Manager (kareno@wellspringcalgary.ca).

FULL structural firefighting gear: boots, pants, and coat (liners intact), and helmet. No modified gear. Flash hoods will not be worn. Breathing apparatus will be worn without being on air and without facepiece. Do NOT bring your own SCBA as this will be provided for you during the race. No other tools or equipment are allowed.

Each firefighter participant is required to use gear which meets current NFPA structural firefighting standards. Gear that is not issued by your department for structural firefighting must meet NFPA 1971-2007 for structural firefighting. In the event that your fire department does not issue bunker gear, boots or helmets that comply, entrants must use the gear issued by your department that meets the next most current NFPA requirements. No modified gear allowed for the competitive race entry.

Boots used for the event must meet NFPA 1971-2007 for structural firefighting standards. It is the responsibility of the participant to verify NFPA standards on their specific brand of boot prior to the competition.

Gear will be checked before the race starts; if you are not in full (approved) firefighter gear as noted above, you will be timed in the non-competitive stream.

Here is a picture of approved full duty gear for the climb.

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