Edmonton Firefighter International Sky Climb 2021

The Edmonton Firefighter International Sky Climb brings firefighters from across North America and the world to climb the tallest building in Western Canada – the iconic Stantec Tower in the heart of downtown Edmonton – to raise funds to support people fighting cancer. The inaugural edition is set for Sunday, Sept. 19, 2021. Our men and women on the front lines inspire us with their willingness to put themselves in danger to help others.

The Sky Climb is a partnership of Edmonton Fire Rescue Services and Wellspring Edmonton, a cancer support centre serving the Edmonton Metropolitan Region and Northern Alberta.


In support of Wellspring Edmonton


Wellspring Edmonton provides programs, resources and support to people affected by cancer. Cancer is a prevalent occupational hazard of the firefighter’s job, so Wellspring works to meet the needs of firefighters alongside those of all community members. Wellspring Edmonton is proud to work with Edmonton Fire Rescue Services and the Edmonton Firefighters Association (IAFF Local 209) in support of those living with cancer, including the brave members of our firefighting community.

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