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Mark your calendars! Starting in 2021 and every third Sunday in September after that, hundreds of firefighters from around the world will climb the stairs of Edmonton’s Stantec Tower, the tallest building in Canada outside of Toronto, in support of firefighters and community members living with cancer. Brave participants will start their challenge at 645 metres above sea level and climb another 251 metres – an incredible 1,386 steps or 66 floors – up the tower in full duty gear.

The Co-Chairs of Wellspring Edmonton, Dr. Glenn Hundleby and Sol Rolingher, were inspired by the first climb – Seattle’s Scott Firefighter Stairclimb – and those that followed and brought the idea back to Edmonton. Our city’s Fire Rescue Services and the Firefighters Association were quick to embrace the event to celebrate the work of firefighters and the efforts at the local cancer charity, Wellspring Edmonton.

Firefighters recognize that cancer is an occupational hazard, making this event and the cause it supports that much more meaningful. For many, this cause hits very close to home.

Wellspring Edmonton is pleased to announce that a portion of the proceeds from this event will go to support the Edmonton Firefighter’s Burn Treatment Society, which raises funds and awareness for research, treatment and the recovery of thermal injuries.


The event is fully endorsed and supported by Edmonton Fire Rescue Services.

  • Key supporters of this event include:
  • Edmonton Fire Rescue Services
  • Edmonton Firefighters Association (IAFF Local 209)
  • Wellspring Edmonton

*The 2021 Sky Climb at Stantec Tower is open to active, volunteer, or retired firefighters 18 years of age or older.

CLICK HERE to read more about how this event came to be.

CLICK HERE for a research article about the connection between firefighting and cancer.

CLICK HERE for a fact sheet on firefighters and presumptive cancers.

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